Hello, my name is Simmonne and I would like to welcome you to my website!

It is my goal to inform and entertain you. I look forward to learning from you too! I am a woman who was born with a birth defect of the central nervous system. I also have twin adult sons who are on the Autism spectrum and who have intellectual difficulties. Since 1990, I have worked periodically in the disability sector as a Disability Support Worker and also as an Education Support worker (assisting students with disabilities). For the past eight years (following my return to tertiary studies) I have worked as a Trainer and Assessor of both community services and disability qualifications. I invite you to join me in sharing information, viewpoints, experiences, achievements and humour about issues of Ability and dis-Ability - not only from my homeland of Australia but from all other homelands throughout our world!
Poppy_s Buzzing Brain by Simmonne Dyson-Holland, juvenile fiction



WHERE is Poppy?

WHY is his brain buzzing?

Poppy’s grandsons, Matthew and Richard, have found a way to keep him in their lives.

However, Poppy is busy trying to get a new job.

What will Poppy choose to do?

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